Introducing Aurelia Kendoui Bridge 1.0 Beta

Aurelia-UI-Toolkits team is happy to present the completely re-architected bridge (interface to KendoUI SDK), which addresses a major performance improvement together with more convenient application configuration.

Briefly stated the new bridge supports the concept of user (application developer) installable KendoUI SDK. Instead of supporting just two KendoUI SDK configurations (KendoUI core and KendoUI PRO) this new bridge is completely agnostic to how many KendoUI widgets the application needs to use. This (code-breaking) change allows developers to use the bridge with any module loader – or not to use a module loader at all.

See this (pre)release note for more details about these breaking changes.

As a result, it is perfectly possible to use just a single Aurelia-KendoUI bridge component in your application, and only that component will be loaded at run time. This will result with the significant reduction in application’s load time.

We have added many more samples, rewritten the installation chapter and added the information about building your applications using SystemJS, Webpack and Aurelia-CLI.

Check the beta version of this new bridge catalog application for details on all these new features.

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