Welcome to Aurelia UI Toolkits team

We are a group of Aurelia Community enthusiasts trying to do our best to help Aurelia framework adoption. While the Aurelia core team is in charge of the Aurelia framework we are working on its “outer ring” where Aurelia meets the rest of the world.

So, far we created several “Aurelia bridges” – software libraries (aka toolkits), all of which allow Aurelia developers to access well respected JavaScript UI libraries as if they are Aurelia Components:

1. Aurelia-KendoUI Bridge, announced and described this January by Rob Eisenberg, author / architect of Aurelia. This component has since received a very solid adoption (based on the number of downloads) and Telerik’s own post on this bridge.

As all our software products, Aurelia-KendoUI-Bridge is an open source development project maintained on GitHub.

Anyone interested in either using or helping with further development should contact us in Aurelia-KendoUI Gitter chat-room.

Visit this Aurelia-KendoUI-Bridge blog category to find out more.

2. Aurelia-Materialize Bridge,

Visit this Aurelia-Materialize Bridge blog category to find out more.

3. Aurelia-Syncfusion Bridge,

Visit this Aurelia-Syncfusion Bridge blog category to find out more.



In addition to bridges, which are all interface toolkits to existing UI toolkits developed in last 3-4 years, also develop our own tools and libraries. You can see more about that in the Aurelia-Tools blog category.

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